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Polina Washington (Russia) 2012- 2014

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You are the leader, as well as I am.

We both want to feel like we dominate the relationship because I can see, somehow, that we are both used to that.

We talked about it referring to team work “I am always the leader, and I’m the one who puts order and tell the other people what to do”. Unconsciously, we do the same thing when we are in a relationship. 

We don’t want to do stuff our couple doesn’t do for us, because we don’t want to feel humiliated or even worse, we don’t want our partner to feel that we are doing for them something they are not doing for us. Which is sad and stupid.. but yet unavoidable.


The desire of your skin is gonna make me mad eventually. 

I could never say no to your touch. 

We love each other like crazies. At least I do.

But those words came out of your mouth killing something. We are destined to end, you said.

We are destined to end? If so, why are we together? Are you ashamed of this relationship? You don’t want to take it any further from the place where we are? 

Maybe so. 

Maybe you like it for now. But what happens to all those words you said to me? What about the future we imagined? 

It’s immature to think those things are really going to happen, I know. But al least, I was hopping for you to -mean- them. Not just say them thinking “we will end this anyways”

But later, I thought «We might be destined to end but, we got what we have now and should enjoy it. Maybe, the thing is, we love each other so much, and something like this can’t last forever. People stay for life with someone they love stably and not as crazy and stupid as us. A love like this won’t last forever»

And now I think: Maybe that’s just an idea to blind myself from the truth. 

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